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Major transformations of the enterprise IT organizations are underway. For competitive and successful enterprises, IT is an integral part of the business and is treated as such. Factors such as globalization, time-to-market and convergence are the driving forces to bring IT organizations back from the fringe of existence.

Here we examine the trends, emerging technology needs, and processes that are facilitating this necessary and timely transformation.

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Each and every software defect adds unplanned work—essentially rework—to the schedule. IT must tackle rework head on to determine the most appropriate areas for improvement, investment, and increased quality.

This report provides cost of rework models for Agile and non-Agile projects and recommends ways to test earlier to reduce rework and its cost. Learn how to reduce the cost of rework in development and testing to help prevent catastrophic defects from occurring in production.

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The business analyst role is gaining visibility and momentum, and driving competitive differentiation in the lifecycle market. From April through July 2008, voke conducted an independent survey of unique individuals in the emerging requirements definition segment of the application lifecycle market. The Market Snapshot survey set out to identify the state of the business analyst market segment based on roles, processes, and market readiness of technology.

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According to the Gregorian calendar, the December 21 equinox is rapidly approaching and consequently so is the end of the year 2006.

It seems fitting that as we phase out of our last 365 and in to our next 365 we should pause to remember the good and not so good. So, here is our interpretation of 2006...

At Tech Ed, the Microsoft spokespeople were certain to stress that the company was moving from supporting the developer to supporting development. This may seem like a big case of over analyzing semantics and word parsing. Trust me, this is a major statement...
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Join HP, Blueprint and voke for the RQNG Speaker Series webcast on August 21, 2008 at 2:00 PM EST. Read More...

Join Theresa Lanowitz and Blueprint on Wednesday June 18, 7:00-7:30pm at the Partner Showcase Theatre at HP Software Universe, Las Vegas, NV.

All are painfully aware of the dismal statistics on software projects success rates. Recent reports show that the situation is not trending for the better, and continue to point to poor requirements as the leading cause. When you peel back the covers it’s really no wonder – the discipline of Requirements Definition is not formalized, most are trying to do this work using only word processors and spreadsheets, and the role of requirements author is anything but standardized or supported.

The good news is that there is significant movement in the industry on all these fronts of late. Professional organizations are emerging for this discipline and are growing rapidly, powerful purpose-built tools for Requirements Definition now exist, and the role of the Business Analyst is rapidly solidifying. This presentation provides a snapshot of these new developments and shares some results from a recent study on the role of the Business Analyst.

We invite Business Analysts or anyone interested in requirements to take the survey! Read More...

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