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Since early 2009, Citrix and VMLogix have partnered to include the VMLogix products with Citrix Essentials for the virtual lab component. This acquisition by Citrix will apply virtualization technology throughout the IT organization in a hypervisor neutral environment.

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The publication of the Open Cloud Manifesto is positive.  The Cloud, driven by virtualization, is surfacing at the right time in the market and can advance computing in this generation. 

The concept of “openness” is necessary for innovation to thrive.  Publishing an open view with multiple and varied participants is an example of global lifecycle transformation where organizations work together across boundaries.

IBM, one of the key supporters of the Open Cloud Manifesto, has a long history of advancing collaboration around new technologies.  In the 90’s, IBM attempted collaboration by creating consortium style companies such as Taligent and Kaleida.  In the early part of this century, IBM was the leader of what has transformed in to Eclipse.org.  This appears to be IBM’s attempt to get agreement on the Cloud at various levels.

It is clear that each organization in support of the Open Cloud Manifesto has an agenda based upon the Cloud.  Agreement and discussion among a critical mass is a positive step to advancing Cloud technology.

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VMLogix and Citrix are partnering to deliver a complete virtualization solution for the application lifecycle.  Citrix Essentials customers will have the advantage of using virtualization technology at every juncture of its IT organization; from the server to production and the entire application lifecycle including development and testing.  This partnership represents a new and visionary method of applying virtualization technology throughout multiple stages of the IT organization in a hypervisor neutral environment.

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Each year we enter into uncertain territory because of existing and previously untested market conditions, however predicting the future, or at least having an understanding of what could happen, is largely predicated on understanding the past and observing the present.   

As the saying goes, history repeats itself.  In 2009, expect to see some stunning developments that are reminiscent of the past as well as out of the box thinking by vendors to continue to thrive in new and different market conditions...

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We started the year with the New England Patriots posting an undefeated regular season record of 16 – 0.  It appeared to be conclusive; the Patriots would win the Super Bowl – not so fast – the wild card New York Giants made an unpredictable and disruptive move by narrowly defeating the favored Patriots.  It was inevitable that the Patriots lose at some point in the season, it just happened to be the last and most important game.

In July, the greatest sporting event, the Tour de France departed with no defending champion for the second consecutive year!  Team Astana, with two of the three podium finishers of the 2007 race appeared to have very good odds of gaining one of the top three spots again.  Surprise! Team Astana was banned and Team CSC with Carlos Sastre and company rode to an unpredictable and disruptive victory.  It was inevitable that the Tour de France could not escape controversy.

Disruption and unpredictability seem to be the prevailing themes for 2008. In a year when radical and unexpected occurrences were commonplace, should technology be any different?  Let’s take a look at the big issues that may have shocked us, but in reality, were inevitable...

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Following the economic downturn of 2000 to 2003, the Fortune 500 companies that pursued short-term cost-cutting strategies such as outsourcing and rollbacks in quality assurance found themselves ill prepared for future opportunities.  New research suggests that those enterprise organizations that continue to invest in critical IT areas such as software development, virtualization, and core lifecycle solutions will be better positioned for the next cycle of growth and expansion.

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Software is ubiquitous, part of the brand promise, and a competitive business differentiator. However,software teams still face classic software engineering conundrums.The constraint of environments is one of these classic software engineering problems that persist in a time of frequent release cycles and global supply chains. Each member of the software lifecycle team requires access to production-equivalent environments for development and testing activities.

Skytap delivers a purpose-built, cloud-based lab solution to accelerate and optimize the software lifecycle. Skytap provides teams with the resources necessary for the precise time needed to perform development or test work. With unconstrained access to environments as close to production as possible for as long as necessary, teams can test as early as possible, identify and remediate defects more quickly, and remove provisioning wait times.

Read this report to learn how Skytap enables software teams to deliver better software, reliably, and predictably while producing more valuable business outcomes.

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From a benefits perspective, lifecycle virtualization technologies deliver a quick and measurable economic impact, just as server virtualization has for the datacenter. Lifecycle virtualization includes the technology of virtual and cloud-based labs.

Virtual and cloud-based labs enable development and QA to access production equivalent environments on-demand, anytime and anywhere.

Virtual and cloud-based lab technology is a must-have for enterprises of all types and sizes to help reduce overall software cycle times and create an optimized environment for development and testing activities.

This Market Snapshot report provides real-world data to help organizations justify the investment in virtual and cloud-based labs.

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This report highlights eight key factors that are driving innovation in the testing market, including mobility, the cloud, embedded software, development testing, infrastructure test optimization (ITO) and lifecycle virtualization.

Organizations can no longer dictate where, when, or how software is used. Workers are mobile, customers are global, and every individual has a preference as to how they want to consume software. Testers must be able to plan for and execute as many combinations and permutations of software and hardware as possible to predict the outcome of software usage. Testing professionals are now in the strategic role of customer advocate and help deliver higher quality software throughout the enterprise by placing a laser focus on assessing the risk associated with every piece of software.

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Read detailed analysis of the following market moving vendors:

  • Coverity
  • Electric Cloud
  • Experitest
  • HP
  • IBM
  • Keynote DeviceAnywhere
  • Micro Focus
  • Microsoft
  • Parasoft
  • Perfecto Mobile
  • QMetry
  • QualiSystems
  • Replay Solutions
  • SmartBear
  • Spirent
  • Wind River
  • ZAP technologies.com

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Most organizations struggle with the challenges of application and product development and delivery. Lifecycle virtualization fundamentally transforms the lifecycle and eliminates many of the common challenges faced by development and test teams. The stunning success of server virtualization technology in limiting server sprawl, reducing energy consumption, and lowering capital expenditures (CAPEX) raises the question—what can we virtualize next? The answer is almost anything and everything—especially in the lifecycle. Lifecycle virtualization and its associated technologies assist development, test, and operations teams in cutting the Gordian Knot of schedule, cost, and quality.

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Software has expanded its reach to become responsible for business processes, consumer purchases, transportation, communications, and devices that are always on and, in some cases, life-critical. The stakes of making sure that proper testing occurs at all levels are greater than ever. Testing is a comprehensive and critical part of the entire lifecycle. Today’s business executive must be able to guarantee working software free of defects to avoid compromising business, safety, or security.  

This Market Mover Array™ report examines the history of the testing market and analyzes the vendors vying to move the market beyond the status quo.

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Virtual lab management technology delivers immediate, measurable benefits and ROI. The ability to rapidly provision and deliver an environment for testing, development, sales, marketing, training, technical publications, support and other constituents in an organization enhances business alignment as it removes barriers and lowers costs, particularly capital expenditures (CAPEX).

Read this report to learn more about virtual lab technology and to help create a business case to justify the purchase.


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Theresa Lanowitz's webinar slides.

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In this Enterprise Leadership podcast Theresa Lanowitz provides some down-to-earth discussion about cloud computing as a disruptive technology, moving one step closer to pervasive utility computing.

Every household doesn't need its own energy grid. If you follow this logic, then each enterprise does not need to be in the business of creating massive infrastructure. Why not take advantage of the some of the world's largest infrastructure offered to you by Amazon.com's Web Services or Google Apps Engine? That is the view of Theresa Lanowitz, the founder of voke, a research firm focused on breakthrough technologies, such as cloud computing.

She says that while Salesforce.com has revolutionized customer relations marketing by elevating it as a platform as a service, Amazon.com and Google.com have the opportunity to share their knowledge and expertise with every enterprise. She adds, "By making their massively scalable, highly available, high-performance environment, and a solid security infrastructure available, both Amazon.com and Google.com have moved one step closer to software as a service and pervasive utility computing. As a result, companies will be able to lower the cost of doing business and to remain innovative, competitive, and profitable. Enterprises of all sizes need to focus on delivering value to the marketplace of their core competency, regardless of what it is."

In this podcast, Theresa Lanowitz discusses the following:

  • What type of impact Amazon.com Web Services and Google Apps Engine will have on cloud computing;
  • What other areas of cloud computing and Web 2.0 will prevail;
  • Why CIOs are hesitant to embrace cloud computing; and
  • What three cloud computing takeaways CIOs need to think about in making decisions about this app?
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Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz for the web premier of voke's Market Snapshot Report about Virtual and Cloud-based Labs.

Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz in Denver for the SQuAD Software Quality Conference on September 16-17, 2013.

Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz and HP's Kelly Emo at HP Discover 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada to learn more about application development and testing in the brave new world of mobile, cloud, and composite applications.

Session ID: BB3356

Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz at Cognizant's Testing Summit in Boston on June 27, 2012.  Theresa will be presenting voke's latest research on testing platforms.  She will discuss the empowered QA professional in the age of the cloud and mobility.  Theresa will also be moderating the knowledge cafe to wrap up the event.

Almost daily, we see reports of software failures that harm enterprises and impact the brand, putting testing organizations and their efforts in the spotlight. Fortunately, testers are now in one of the most exciting times in the software industry’s history! Theresa Lanowitz describes how you can begin to use new technologies—cloud, virtualization, and mobility—to deliver more value to your company, enhance your career, and act as a change agent for higher quality. As organizations adopt cloud and mobile strategies, testers must be ready to deliver immediate value on these new platforms while test organizations must complement and extend their existing tools to ensure these new platforms meet the demands of the business—especially in the areas of performance and security. Theresa reports on the ways that leading organizations are using the cloud and virtualization to test over more platforms, deliver greater coverage, and find critical defects prior to production. Find out how your team can begin to use—or enhance your use of—these technologies while improving on all corners of the classic “cost, quality, schedule” triangle.

Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz at StarEast 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

See voke's Theresa Lanowitz live and in-person at the Star West conference in San Diego, California on 9/29/2010.

Every tester has heard “it works on my machine” from a developer, referring to a defect deemed to be non-reproducible. We all know the back-and-forth conversations and have yearned for ways to easily replicate test environment failures in the development environment. Test organizations often struggle with access to test environments that closely match production while the operations department struggles to keep up with the demand for provisioned environments. Virtual lab technology can solve these frequent, tedious, and expensive problems, delivering immediate productivity and return-on-investment. By shattering barriers between development, testing, and operations, virtual lab technology is transformational and promises to be the hub of the modern application lifecycle. Theresa Lanowitz shares the results of the “voke Market Snapshot” report on virtual lab management. This groundbreaking research is relevant, current, and something all testers and test managers need to know. Learn how to leverage virtual labs in your test organization while eliminating the age old developer-tester contention that “it works on my machine.”

voke's Theresa Lanowitz is presenting analysis and moderating a full day of panels about the latest testing trends at Cognizant's "by-invitation only" event in Boston on July 26-27, 2010.

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