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Following the economic downturn of 2000 to 2003, the Fortune 500 companies that pursued short-term cost-cutting strategies such as outsourcing and rollbacks in quality assurance found themselves ill prepared for future opportunities.  New research suggests that those enterprise organizations that continue to invest in critical IT areas such as software development, virtualization, and core lifecycle solutions will be better positioned for the next cycle of growth and expansion.

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Organizations that actively involve the line of business and empower business analysts realize that the investment in a requirements definition solution is more than offset by the payback that the solution delivers. Given the critical impact of software in today’s business environment, business analysts must be given the best technology possible to understand and deliver viable business outcomes through proper requirements. Justifying such technology is easy. This report identifies common sense approaches and detailed models for building a formal business case for the acquisition of requirements definition solutions.

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Organizations must address the area of software requirements in order to positively impact the economics of software development. This report highlights two key factors that increase the success rate of process improvement initiatives. First, any initiative requires a dedicated focus on software requirements definition. Second, modern requirements definition tools are a key factor in improving software requirements initiatives. Make requirements definition a strategic part of the business to improve the chances of software delivering true competitive value to the line of business.

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voke Webinar slides from:  Business Analysts Empowered:  Optimize global IT project teams through a Requirements Lifecycle.

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The business analyst role is gaining visibility and momentum, and driving competitive differentiation in the lifecycle market. From April through July 2008, voke conducted an independent survey of unique individuals in the emerging requirements definition segment of the application lifecycle market. The Market Snapshot survey set out to identify the state of the business analyst market segment based on roles, processes, and market readiness of technology.

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In this requirements.net exclusive podcast, Theresa discusses a rather unconventional report (titled: Fortune 500 Spending Required for IT Cost Savings”) which looks at the economy and smart moves for IT.

In this report, the voke research team makes some very interesting reminders about the fall out of the dot-com bubble bursting, and the lesson’s from IT’s reaction in 2001 and 2002.

The voke research teams make some important recommendations which tie directly to Business Analyst empowerment and investments in requirements definition as a critical element to surviving the IT downtown.

The Podcast is 40 minutes of a fact-based, fresh dialog on efficient outsourcing, IT virtualization, lifecycle management, and the importance of the BA and requirements.

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Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz in Blueprint's Executive Webinar Series about requirements definition.

Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz in Blueprint's Executive Webinar Series about requirements definition.

Join HP, Blueprint and voke for the RQNG Speaker Series webcast on August 21, 2008 at 2:00 PM EST. Read More...

Join Theresa Lanowitz and Blueprint on Wednesday June 18, 7:00-7:30pm at the Partner Showcase Theatre at HP Software Universe, Las Vegas, NV.

All are painfully aware of the dismal statistics on software projects success rates. Recent reports show that the situation is not trending for the better, and continue to point to poor requirements as the leading cause. When you peel back the covers it’s really no wonder – the discipline of Requirements Definition is not formalized, most are trying to do this work using only word processors and spreadsheets, and the role of requirements author is anything but standardized or supported.

The good news is that there is significant movement in the industry on all these fronts of late. Professional organizations are emerging for this discipline and are growing rapidly, powerful purpose-built tools for Requirements Definition now exist, and the role of the Business Analyst is rapidly solidifying. This presentation provides a snapshot of these new developments and shares some results from a recent study on the role of the Business Analyst.

We invite Business Analysts or anyone interested in requirements to take the survey! Read More...

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