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Presentation slides from StarWest, Anaheim, California.

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Presentation slides from STAREAST 2007: Theresa Lanowitz, voke, Inc. and Dan Koloski, Empirix highlight ways to move from simply being a tester of software to an advocate for your organization’s customers.

Test managers constantly lament that few outside their group understand or care much about the value they provide and consistently deliver. Unfortunately, they are often correct. The lack of visibility and understanding of the test team’s contribution can lead to restricted budgets, fewer resources, tighter timelines, and ultimately, lower group productivity. Join Theresa Lanowitz and Dan Koloski as they highlight ways to move from simply being a tester of software to an advocate for your organization’s customers. Learn how to effectively and concisely communicate with key stakeholders in your organization to ensure that they understand the value and role of the testing group. With effective and concise communication, the testing group will be perceived as more strategically important and integral to the success of every project.

• Strategies for communicating complex data
• Ensure your communications give you the visibility you need
• How to create testing evangelists within your organization

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In this episode of the STARWEST 2007 Conference Podcast, Joey McAllister speaks with Theresa Lanowitz about her STARWEST 2007 keynote presentation, "Customer Advocacy: The Key to Testing Success," in which Theresa will talk about how testers should be viewed as customer advocates rather than the pessimists of the software world.

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I had the pleasure and honor of participating in the inaugural podcast of “SD Times The Week In Review” with SD Times Editor-in-Chief David Rubinstein...

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Almost daily, we see reports of software failures that harm enterprises and impact the brand, putting testing organizations and their efforts in the spotlight. Fortunately, testers are now in one of the most exciting times in the software industry’s history! Theresa Lanowitz describes how you can begin to use new technologies—cloud, virtualization, and mobility—to deliver more value to your company, enhance your career, and act as a change agent for higher quality. As organizations adopt cloud and mobile strategies, testers must be ready to deliver immediate value on these new platforms while test organizations must complement and extend their existing tools to ensure these new platforms meet the demands of the business—especially in the areas of performance and security. Theresa reports on the ways that leading organizations are using the cloud and virtualization to test over more platforms, deliver greater coverage, and find critical defects prior to production. Find out how your team can begin to use—or enhance your use of—these technologies while improving on all corners of the classic “cost, quality, schedule” triangle.

Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz at StarEast 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

Join voke's Theresa Lanowitz at Search Software Quality's virtual tradeshow.

See voke's Theresa Lanowitz live and in-person at the Star West conference in San Diego, California on 9/29/2010.

Every tester has heard “it works on my machine” from a developer, referring to a defect deemed to be non-reproducible. We all know the back-and-forth conversations and have yearned for ways to easily replicate test environment failures in the development environment. Test organizations often struggle with access to test environments that closely match production while the operations department struggles to keep up with the demand for provisioned environments. Virtual lab technology can solve these frequent, tedious, and expensive problems, delivering immediate productivity and return-on-investment. By shattering barriers between development, testing, and operations, virtual lab technology is transformational and promises to be the hub of the modern application lifecycle. Theresa Lanowitz shares the results of the “voke Market Snapshot” report on virtual lab management. This groundbreaking research is relevant, current, and something all testers and test managers need to know. Learn how to leverage virtual labs in your test organization while eliminating the age old developer-tester contention that “it works on my machine.”

Anaheim, California
October 22 – 26, 2007


Orlando, Florida

Join Theresa Lanowitz, voke, Inc. and Dan Koloski, Empirix as they highlight ways to move from simply being a tester of software to an advocate for your organization’s customers.