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voke_market_snapshot_performance_coe_imagePerformance Center of Excellence

As the application lifecycle evolves, components that drive efficiency and quality become more crucial. Organizations building centers of excellence (CoE) around performance testing find that the CoE centralizes resources and utilizes the full capabilities of today’s robust automation products. One of the main benefits is that organizations are able to consistently produce better performing applications.

In a survey focused on rationales for building a performance CoE, the associated ROI, and success factors, we tested the hypothesis that more mature organizations have built more effective CoEs, are contributing to overall customer satisfaction, and are meeting or exceeding the goals of organizational service level agreements (SLAs). (19 pages)

Read the results of voke's Performance Center of Excellence Survey to Build buy-in and make a business case to establish a Performance Center of Excellence and learn the success factors for creating a Performance Center of Excellence.

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