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Through our research and advisory projects, voke is continually developing thought-provoking analysis on the application lifecycle and its global transformation, including such topics as virtualization, cloud computing, embedded systems, security, Internet of Things (IoT), and mobile and device software.

As such, voke is frequently invited to present this information at technology conference keynotes, product road shows, webinars, podcasts, customer advisory board sessions, and sales kickoff events, as well as moderate panel discussions. View the following examples of voke's past speaking engagements.

Featured Speaking Engagments

Theresa Lanowitz Podcast

Podcast: Testing 1-2-3 with Parasoft

In this inaugural edition of Parasoft’s Testing 1-2-3 video series, Theresa chats with Wayne Ariola about various testing topics, including release management.

"In our most-recent Release Management research, we found that teams who are releasing faster are not doing much automated testing. Instead, they're still doing a lot of manual testing. Even with something as basic as functional testing—which has been around for a long, long time—only 53% of organizations report that they're automating functional testing. And only 22% claimed that they're performing automated security testing." voke's Theresa Lanowitz





voke Impact Note: A focus on SmartBearWebinar: Delivering Software Faster by Removing Dependencies with Service Virtualization

This webinar is based on research that we did about the the impact of SmartBear ServiceVPro.

What happens when a tester needs a dependency for testing or defect verification that
is either unavailable or incomplete? You are roadblocked! Service virtualization is the
solution for increasing productivity across the entire software team.




CA Shift Left Tour at Seattle Space Needle


Road Show: Shift Left Tour with CA Technologies

For seven weeks, Theresa toured North America with CA Technologies to present voke's research on service virtualization. This research was gathered from hundreds of service virtualization practitioners. voke shared how companies are using service virtuation, and, in fact, eliminating weeks of project time at the same time delivering large percentage gains in quality. 

For more details, read CA Technologies' blog post.




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