New voke Research Highlights Benefits of Lifecycle Virtualization Category
November 15, 2011

Las Vegas, NV, November 15, 2011 – Tomorrow industry analyst Theresa Lanowitz of voke, inc. will be presenting the results of her latest report, a Category Snapshot on Lifecycle Virtualization, at CAWorld (see session details here). The report highlights the importance of Lifecycle Virtualization, which leverages virtualization technologies for development and QA teams to enhance the application or product lifecycle. Alongside desktop and server virtualization, lifecycle virtualization serves as the third pillar in a truly virtual environment. In fact, Lanowitz believes lifecycle virtualization has the power and potential to deliver more impact to the market than both server and desktop virtualization, by finally solving age-old and classic challenges of software development and delivery.

Lifecycle virtualization includes the following solutions such as virtual lab management (VLM), virtualized cloud platforms, service virtualization, defect virtualization, and device virtualization.

Virtual Lab Management (VLM)

  • CA Technologies CA 3TeraAppLogic
  • Citrix XenClient
  • Citrix XenServer
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 with MSDN
  • Wind River Test Manager

 Virtualized Cloud Platforms

  • Citrix CloudPortal
  • Citrix CloudStack
  • Electric Cloud Electric Commander
  • Skytap Cloud
  • VMWare vCloud Director

Service Virtualization

  • HP Service Virtualization
  • Parasoft Virtualize

Defect Virtualization

  • Microsoft Visual Studio Test Professional 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 with MSDN
  • Parasoft Virtualize
  • Replay Solutions ReplayDIRECTOR

Device Virtualization

  • Wind River Simics

Other key predictions from the report include:

  • Lifecycle virtualization will be the hub of the modern lifecycle. As the hub, lifecycle virtualization will shatter silos across development, QA, and operations.
  • Organizations will experience a total value of ownership (TVO) after moving through reduced CAPEX and OPEX phases.
  • Lifecycle virtualization will be a major disruptor in breaking bottlenecks in the lifecycle.
  • Widespread adoption of lifecycle virtualization will occur across all industry sectors.
  • Compliance issues will bring to the forefront the challenge of licensing in virtual environments forcing software vendors to rethink licensing models to accommodate the exploding use and benefits of virtualized environments.

The voke Category Snapshot report on Lifecycle Virtualization is available to voke’s annual research subscribers at 

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