IT Organizations Should Adopt Performance Center of Excellence
February 09, 2009
New voke Research Suggests IT Organizations Should Adopt Performance Center of Excellence Model to Reduce Costs and Eliminate Production Defects

Comprehensive Survey by voke Demonstrates How Consolidating and CentralizingPerformance Testing Can Increase Application Performance and Improve Quality  

San Francisco, CA.  February 9, 2009 – voke, inc., a modern analyst firm focused on the edge of innovation, today announced the publication of a new market snapshot report entitled Market Snapshot™ Report: Performance Center of Excellence (CoE), a survey-based research report that explores how enterprise organizations are achieving new levels of efficiency by consolidating performance testing resources into internal Centers of Excellence. This groundbreaking survey identified performance experts from a broad array of organizations, two-thirds of which were Fortune 500 companies. The survey was designed to understand the rationale for building a Performance CoE and identify the quantitative metrics these organizations put in place for measuring their success. 

A Performance Center of Excellence is defined as the consolidation of performance oriented resources, which typically include the disciplines of testing, engineering, management and modeling. The CoE helps to centralize scarce and highly specialized resources within the performance organization as a whole.  

“Just as large enterprise realized massive efficiencies of scale by consolidating operational roles into shared service organizations in the ‘90s, forward-thinking IT organizations today are achieving similar benefits by implementing Performance Centers of Excellence,” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, inc. “Our survey has also shown that organizations who built Performance Center of Excellence models have not only achieved ROI faster than they originally projected but that the benefits have also scaled across their entire organization.” 

Among some of the key findings of the report: 

12 Months to ROI – Survey participants reported a substantial ROI as measured by their ability to recoup maintenance costs in a 12-month period, due largely in part to the elimination of production defects;

Not Just for the Enterprise - While Performance CoEs are easily justified for large, enterprise organizations, the survey also indicated that Performance CoEs make sense for smaller companies who can better equip themselves for future growth and scalability;       

IT Is the Driver Behind CoEs – According to the survey, the vast majority of CoE projects are initiated by IT (78%) versus the line of business managers (10%);

CoEs Improve Quality – After moving to a CoE, 87% of participants indicated that their organization had improved quality levels that surpassed their initial expectations; and         

Doing More With Less – Performance CoEs enable organizations to effectively do more with less by centralizing testing resources, resolving problems faster, and increasing institutional knowledge.

“Organizations can increase customer satisfaction and improve efficiency by optimizing the performance of their applications using a Performance Center of Excellence model,” said Subbu Iyer, senior director of products, Software & Solutions, HP. “HP customers rely on HP Performance Center to build their own Performance CoE, enabling them to reduce costs, increase organizational efficiency, improve the quality of applications and support crucial collaboration initiatives across the enterprise.” 

The voke Performance CoE Market Snapshot report is available to premium subscribers at 

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