Hey, Hey It’s the Application Lifecycle 2.0
Theresa Lanowitz | August 24, 2007

And as Davy Jones of the Monkees once said “I’m a believer!”

Do you too want to be a believer? Don’t “monkee” around, learn more about the application lifecycle 2.0 by joining me in an MKS sponsored webinar: “Begin With the End in Mind” on August 28 at 11AM Eastern / 8AM Pacific. Register here.

Get the latest analysis on…
- What the application lifecycle 2.0 is and how it impacts you
- What technologies play a role in the application lifecycle 2.0
- Silos, what are they good for
- Will your IT organization survive the transformation
And more…the application lifecycle 2.0 is here and ready to make an impact, don’t be left behind!

This is an exciting time for the application lifecycle – new technologies are emerging, acquisitions are being made and the IT organization is no longer just for techies – they are business partners in every sense of the word.


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