Life is a Database Old Chum…
Theresa Lanowitz | June 09, 2006
We are rabid consumers of information. We want our information fast. We want our information to be accurate. And, we want our information any time and any where. We can be this demanding because we know everything of importance has been cataloged, filed, arranged, and assigned a key field – at least electronically. Now, as consumers of data we are not too concerned about the infrastructure supporting our insatiable need for fast, reliable, and on the go information. However, someone has to do the behind the scenes work so we don’t suffer in our quest for information. For years we have had developers toiling over performance algorithms to help us over the hurdle of server constraints. It was the best we could do.

Enter ENCIRQ. The ENCIRQ Data Foundation Framework gives developers everything they have been wanting…a way to get away from the classic client / server database architecture. Client / server is so 1980’s. With this model, ENCIRQ just moved a rather classic industry into the 21st century.

ENCIRQ does not need an operating system, but is certainly capable of working with a variety of them if you desire. But, the biggest breakthrough for ENCIRQ comes because of the breaking of the client / server mold. ENCIRQ’s data foundation is inline code. Inline code – this means no performance or size constraints of a server. To the masses this means a quick, simple, elegant, modern, reliable solution to the quest for information. And, we can free up all of those developer ergs to work on other things.

ENCIRQ is acting as a liberator from the shackles of 20th century computing: operating systems, IDEs, and proprietary API’s. What does this mean…it means the devices we carry will be unified in their approach to giving us what we need, when we need it, and where we need it. It’s time to move to the 21st century and realize traditional client / server models have a purpose, but to be truly free, we need to lose the overhead constraints a server imposes.

Demand your information be fast, reliable, and available.

What’s next?...Microsoft Tech Ed 2006 in Boston, MA. It’s not really a conference as much as an experience. Microsoft always makes you think, so watch for the Tech Ed posts.