Understanding the Gem
Theresa Lanowitz | May 24, 2006
One of the unique vendors I encountered at the Wind River Worldwide User Conference was Kuka Controls. The company, among other offerings, makes two products that can really enhance the experience between device software and a traditional Microsoft Windows environment. The two Kuka products with so much to offer in terms of integration are VxWin and CeWin.

Kukaís VxWin allows Wind Riverís VxWorks device software operating system to run on the same PC as Microsoft Windows. There are certainly benefits in terms of hardware reduction, overall weight decreases of the entire system, and reduced mean time between failure (MTBF). But the benefit around unification is delivered via integration of a device software operating system and the standard as well as ubiquitous Microsoft Windows operating system. This means a device can use Windows for a GUI display or enterprise connection. Some of the scenarios this enables are: completion of the ERP system for manufacturing facilities by connecting to enterprise systems, knowledge workers in the field with task specific devices connecting to enterprise data. VxWin can deliver solutions to bridge the gap between devices and the enterprise.

Kukaís CeWin delivers the same sort of connectivity as VxWin but the connection to the device operating system comes via Microsoft Windows CE. CeWin allows Windows CE applications to reside in a Windows based environment. This saves on hardware costs but allows for practical business applications to co-exist in an environment that uses and needs the speed and functionality of a device software operating system.

If you believe there is a whole world of connectivity untapped, check out what Kuka can offer with its VxWin and CeWin products. These two products can begin to build the bridge that will deliver integration and unification between devices and traditional applications. This is something customers are demanding. The longer we wait to connect devices and applications the more difficult the process will be. Smart enterprises will deliver complete connectivity. Devices and business applications have a bright future together.

Whatís next?...is it easy and cheap to find bugs early, if so, why doesnít everyone do it?