Automated Network and Device Software Quality Market on the Rise, According to Latest voke, inc. Market Snapshot Report
October 23, 2007

New Open Embedded Systems Accelerate the Shift Toward Automated Test Processes as 85%
of those Surveyed Expect Increased Testing Needs 

MINDEN, NEVADA – October 24, 2007 –voke inc., a modern analyst firm for the Web 2.0 world, released its latest Market Snapshot report today on the rising Automated Network and Device Software Quality market.  Based upon a recent survey held within the automated network and device software quality market, the report explores the processes, skills and technology that comprise the rapidly growing market's ecosystem. The study's findings point to significant growth in the automated testing market for the network and device software that drives many of today’s most innovative technologies.  

Today’s software, which is pervasive in the network and device software market, is dynamic and changes rapidly.  Along with this rapid change and pervasiveness comes complexity.  With increased complexity, more testing is demanded to deliver a higher quality product or feature set.  A full 85% of respondents expect testing needs to increase in the next 12 months driven by open, embedded systems.  

“With software driving far-reaching technology innovations from sophisticated medical devices to consumer-friendly iPhones, one-time testing in a closed loop environment is no longer sufficient for embedded systems,” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, inc.  “The world is changing, and so must our methodologies for testing network and device software quality.  The market is at a ‘build or buy’ inflection point, and this presents a huge opportunity for corporations to leverage commercially developed test tools and best practices to keep on top of rapid release cycles, increased complexities, and the need to continually test connectivity in an open environment.” 

The Automated Network and Device Software Quality Market SnapshotTM is based on an independent survey of organizations regarding automated testing for networks and connected devices voke conducted in July 2007.  The research was conducted among senior test management in large enterprises, network equipment manufacturers and service providers. This report frames the market context for automated testing of networks and connected devices, presents the readiness of the market to accept the technology and provides direction for evaluation, consideration and use models. 

Network and device software is pervasive, dynamic, increasingly complex, and needs to be tested on an ongoing basis. Faster and more comprehensive testing is needed to deliver a higher quality product or feature set.   Traditionally, testing organizations relied on manual processes or built home-grown solutions to address these challenges.  75% of those surveyed were not satisfied with the current testing practices and the number one challenge cited was lack of automation. The report concludes that there is a significant market opportunity for commercially available products, tools and services that help to automate testing and to replace traditional home-grown tools as the demands on testing organizations continue to grow. 62% of those polled said they are currently and actively investing in automation solutions, and all respondents said that they will in the next 12 months.  Additionally the report found that 87% of all investment in automation solutions is planned for software. The report also offers recommendations for organizations to successfully adopt automated testing. 

“Today’s network and device software quality market is strong on process and technical skills,” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, inc. “The market of tomorrow must include viable commercial solutions to allow seamless integration of networks, devices and software to fully deliver the promise of technology.  Automated testing is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a must!”    

“Technology change for companies deploying new network services -- or manufacturers of devices that require network connectivity -- has never been faster or more complex," said Ted Murguia, vice president of sales and marketing at QuikCycle.  "In the face of this reality, the role of testing prior to network deployment has never been more critical.  Our customers are looking to lab and test automation software solutions to replace manual processes or homegrown solutions, so they can deliver essential business value, while also mitigating risk and accelerating time-to-market.” 

“With the rapid infiltration of technology that directly impacts consumers, networking equipment manufacturers and service provivders are increasingly turning to automation to to accelerate their testing cycles,” said David Gehringer, vice president of marketing at FanFare.  “Using automated solutions, QA teams can significantly increase test coverage and accelerate testing cycles by creating common test repositories and implementing processes that can evolve with the changing market.” 

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