voke, inc. Releases FutureWatch Report for Enterprise IT Management
October 22, 2006
Report Warns Service Levels Likely to Decline as World Market for Technology Expands

MINDEN, NEVADA – Oct. 23, 2006 – voke inc., a modern analyst firm for the Web 2.0 world, released its second FutureWatch report today. Focusing on the enterprise IT management market, the FutureWatch report, Enterprise IT Management and Organization, provides predictions around the impact of technology on society and makes recommendations for success.  Among the predictions is a warning that service levels are likely to decline because of inflexible enterprise systems and the inability to accurately interpret and implement requirements. 

According to voke, inc., the rush to deliver systems led to a decline in reliability in the 2001-2002 timeframe.  As reliability declines and customer service dwindles, expectations for acceptable service levels will also decline over time; so gradually that future generations won’t know the difference and will spend 25% of their waking hours tracking down service providers such as banks, credit card, and insurance companies. 

This FutureWatch report also predicts a commoditization of IT such that strategic responsibilities will be shifted to the business units and tactical work will be outsourced.  True collaboration will only be possible when enterprise IT organizations undergo a massive shift in skill sets with more focus on business than technology. And virtual lab automation in the enterprise IT shop will propel the reliability of the next wave of outsourcing. 

“As the pools of both IT talent and venture capital expands to new geographies such as India and China, the playing field for enterprise IT broadens.  Additionally, the IT department as we know it will dissolve into business units,” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, inc.  “However the skills of a successful IT project manager will be in high demand to combat mediocrity in service levels.   The organizations that will succeed will recognize these changes and adopt a business-driven IT strategy, which means better service to customers.” 

The FutureWatch report can be purchased at http://www.vokeinc.com.


voke also offers a free “What’s Next?” blog that examines issues resulting from technology challenges and identifies how technology must be exploited to move society to the 21st century.  This free blog is available at http://vokeblogspot.com/.   

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