Featured Speakers
Theresa Lanowitz, Founder, voke, inc.
Brad Johnson, Director of Product Marketing for Lifecycle Quality Management - Borland Software Corporation
Martin Klaus, Product Marketing Manager - VMware Inc
Charlene O'Hanlon, Senior Editor, eSeminars & Virtual Tradeshows - Ziff Davis Enterprise

Businesses are going global and transforming themselves at lightning speed. And no one's going to slow down for the sake of better test coverage. It's time for leaner, meaner, less costly test process management.

In this joint Borland/VMware webcast, Theresa Lanowitz from voke will talk about what it takes to test and deliver applications that hit their mark using virtualization. And why getting the most out of virtualization depends on how seamlessly it can be integrated with your software testing processes.

Find out how:

  • Distributed development, SOA and shifting methodologies challenge software quality and delivery—and what you can do about it
  • You can get a handle on these challenges—plus reduce the time suck and budget drain of physical testing—by testing in virtual labs
  • An open, centralized test management approach conquers the complexities of testing across technologies, processes and platforms by supporting varied test methods and tools
Don't let clunky, complicated testing processes turn your QA into IT managers. Find out how you can free them to do what they do best, with a smart approach that leverages virtualization.