Webinar | Build and Release: Evolving Processes in the Application Lifecycle
Theresa Lanowitz | September 26, 2007
As the application lifecycle continues to evolve, components that drive efficiency and quality are critical. The notion of effective software production management, or the build and release processes that follow the check-in of new code, is a practice that must be addressed universally; in the ISV community, the embedded market, and the enterprise IT organization.

Join us for an important eSeminar where leading industry analyst and Founder of voke, Inc. Theresa Lanowitz will present results of her recent research into the state of software production management and its role in the new application lifecycle. Citing research based on interviews with development teams across many industries, she will discuss the techniques and tools teams are using to accelerate and automate software production and the impact these have on overall development productivity. Attendees will learn about specific build and release best practices from "real world" teams as well as tools and technologies available to optimize this critical application stage.

Understanding the status of software as it nears completion is crucial to its timely and efficient delivery and acceptance, yet many organizations have spent little time and effort improving and automating the build-package-test-deploy stages of software development. Indeed, for most organizations, the traditional manual, script-driven approach fails to meet fluid requirements, growing application complexity and increased time-to-market pressures.