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Market Snapshot: Release Management

If your voke_market_snapshot_release_management-Sorganization is serious about releasing software more frequently with a higher level of quality, then you should consider using release management solutions to meet this business demand. 

Get started now by reading voke's latest Market Snapshot on Release Management. In this new report, you'll find real-world data to help you justify the investment in release management solutions. From our interviews with participants from diverse organization, we discovered how release management solutions are used, why the technology is adopted, as well as its general perceptions, challenges, and benefits

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Lifecycle Virtualization

Most organizations struggle with the challenges of application and product development and delivery. Lifecycle virtualization fundamentally transforms the lifecycle and eliminates many of the common challenges faced by development and test teams. The stunning success of server virtualization technology in limiting server sprawl, reducing energy consumption, and lowering capital expenditures (CAPEX) raises the question—what can we virtualize next? The answer is almost anything and everything—especially in the lifecycle. Lifecycle virtualization and its associated technologies assist development, test, and operations teams in cutting the Gordian Knot of schedule, cost, and quality.

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Infrastructure Test Optimization (ITO)

Infrastructure—a structured platform of networked elements required to deliver services—is proliferating at an explosive rate.

Infrastructure is a critical and strategic component of every business. To protect a company’s brand promise, the infrastructure must be adequately and thoroughly tested. Optimizing testing for infrastructure is a problem that must be addressed and solved now. Organizations must be able to communicate, collaborate, and connect to share test information to deliver quality of service and to deliver high customer satisfaction. The brand is the promise an organization makes to its customers, and the infrastructure delivering real business value must deliver on that brand promise.

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Lifecycle Transformation

The application lifecycle is evolving and transforming from a functional and silo-centric approach to one comprised of constituents across diverse groups who ultimately share the same vision–a completed, usable, available, and stable application. This movement is viewed as global lifecycle transformation. Global lifecycle transformation seeks to align the line of business and IT to deliver predictable, effective, and efficient business outcomes.

This transformation to a global lifecycle requires:  

  • Moving beyond a functional view of the application lifecycle
  • Shattering barriers and silos
  • Leveraging partners, outside consultation and advice

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