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Significant threats from hackers are a 24x7x365 reality and the costs of security breaches can be exponential. And, with the adoption of more distributed environments and cloud platforms, these risks are exacerbated. It is critical now more than ever to move from a defensive approach to security to a well-coordinated offensive plan. 

This Market Snapshot report provides real-world data to help organizations justify the investment in operationalizing security through secure operations automation practices and solutions. Operationalizing security through the use of secure operations practices and solutions will help your organization:

  • More effectively and efficiently manage the patch backlog
  • Improve audit readiness
  • Reduce security breaches with pending patches
  • Improve patch management
  • Reduce open vulnerabilities

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Significant threats from hackers are a 24x7x365 reality. We know the consequences of vulnerabilities left unremediated. Now more ever it is critical to move from a defensive approach to security to a well-coordinated offensive plan for secure operations.

Taking a proactive approach to IT security means that your organization will not be surprised at any level. If an attacker does manage to penetrate external systems, make sure your internal systems are hardened to detect the attack and provide a second level of awareness.

Read voke’s 2016 Solution Snapshot Report to learn the importance of security operations automation technology and BMC’s SecOps solutions: BladeLogic Server Automation, BladeLogic Network Automation, and BladeLogic Threat Director.

This report highlights benefits and provides analysis about BMC’s SecOps solutions and provides insight on why these products are in a position to change the way IT security and IT operations teams work together to prevent breaches caused by unmediated security vulnerabilities, compliance challenges, and configuration issues.

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