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Software is ubiquitous, part of the brand promise, and a competitive business differentiator. However,software teams still face classic software engineering conundrums.The constraint of environments is one of these classic software engineering problems that persist in a time of frequent release cycles and global supply chains. Each member of the software lifecycle team requires access to production-equivalent environments for development and testing activities.

Skytap delivers a purpose-built, cloud-based lab solution to accelerate and optimize the software lifecycle. Skytap provides teams with the resources necessary for the precise time needed to perform development or test work. With unconstrained access to environments as close to production as possible for as long as necessary, teams can test as early as possible, identify and remediate defects more quickly, and remove provisioning wait times.

Read this report to learn how Skytap enables software teams to deliver better software, reliably, and predictably while producing more valuable business outcomes.

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Is your organization preparing to evaluate, investigate, and adopt a service virtualization solution? Download voke’s 2012 Market Snapshot Report to get the latest insights on how service virtualization is meeting its promise to deliver more predictable, effective, and efficient business outcomes.

Market Snapshot Report highlights: 

  • The need, use, benefits, challenges, and ROI of service virtualization based on voke’s interviews with participants from diverse organizations, market segments, geographies, and roles. 
  • The key justification, business case, and rationale used by other software development and testing professionals to get management approval for purchasing a service virtualization solution.
  • Primary vendors offering service virtualization solutions — CA Technologies, HP, IBM, and Parasoft.
  • The critical assessment questions you need to ask about your organization before implementing a service virtualization solution.

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Most organizations struggle with the challenges of application and product development and delivery. Lifecycle virtualization fundamentally transforms the lifecycle and eliminates many of the common challenges faced by development and test teams. The stunning success of server virtualization technology in limiting server sprawl, reducing energy consumption, and lowering capital expenditures (CAPEX) raises the question—what can we virtualize next? The answer is almost anything and everything—especially in the lifecycle. Lifecycle virtualization and its associated technologies assist development, test, and operations teams in cutting the Gordian Knot of schedule, cost, and quality.

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Today’s application lifecycle constituents must handle increasingly complex applications, over more target platforms, with shrinking resources. Microsoft Visual Studio Lab Management 2010 transforms the lifecycle by leveraging virtualization and the central source code repository to provide lifecycle constituents a central hub that breaks down functional barriers, aligns resources with business needs, provides unified visibility into the lab, and enables optimized, strategic relationships across operations, development, and QA.

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Virtual lab management technology delivers immediate, measurable benefits and ROI. The ability to rapidly provision and deliver an environment for testing, development, sales, marketing, training, technical publications, support and other constituents in an organization enhances business alignment as it removes barriers and lowers costs, particularly capital expenditures (CAPEX).

Read this report to learn more about virtual lab technology and to help create a business case to justify the purchase.