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Most organizations struggle with the challenges of application and product development and delivery. Lifecycle virtualization fundamentally transforms the lifecycle and eliminates many of the common challenges faced by development and test teams. The stunning success of server virtualization technology in limiting server sprawl, reducing energy consumption, and lowering capital expenditures (CAPEX) raises the question—what can we virtualize next? The answer is almost anything and everything—especially in the lifecycle. Lifecycle virtualization and its associated technologies assist development, test, and operations teams in cutting the Gordian Knot of schedule, cost, and quality.

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Adopting a lifecycle virtualization strategy benefits organizations by rapidly lowering capital and operational expenditures. Lifecycle virtualization enables development, QA, and operations teams to be more efficient and strategic by providing access to the correct environments, components, and services when and where needed. The Parasoft Virtualize solution brings virtualization to the core of the lifecycle and delivers much needed accessibility and speed to developers, testers, and partners. Parasoft Virtualize delivers accessibility by removing constraints associated with limited access to systems, capacity, and unavailable or incomplete systems and components.

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Virtual lab management technology delivers immediate, measurable benefits and ROI. The ability to rapidly provision and deliver an environment for testing, development, sales, marketing, training, technical publications, support and other constituents in an organization enhances business alignment as it removes barriers and lowers costs, particularly capital expenditures (CAPEX).

Read this report to learn more about virtual lab technology and to help create a business case to justify the purchase.