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How Virtualization is Enabling Self-Service to Transform the Global Lifecycle

Banks have ATMs; grocery stores have self checkout; airlines have self check-in. All of these self-service approaches provide convenience for customers and deliver ROI for the companies that offer them.  Self-service has appeared within the corporate environment as well.  Many companies are offering self-service access to computing resources to their business constituents. This increases the ability to provide infrastructure and services more efficiently and use resources in more strategic ways to benefit the business.

Cutting edge IT services are now available through a self-service model thanks to virtualization. Virtualization lets companies pool IT resources and provide them as needed throughout the entire global lifecycle.

Join analyst Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke Inc., for this informative session where you will learn about self-service IT and:

  • Key components to the global lifecycle transformation
  • Current issues hindering the implementation of the global lifecycle and how to overcome them
  • Best practices and innovative technologies available for the enterprise

Learn how virtualization is enabling self-service to transform the global lifecycle!