Research Overview

voke strives to provoke thought and encourage discussion while communicating industry opinion in fluid, dynamic, and collaborative ways. We examine how existing and installed technology can benefit from innovation and provide in-depth coverage of core vendors and innovators with an ever watchful eye of advancing and moving the market beyond the status quo..

Dynamic Web Platform Delivery

voke’s research is delivered via a dynamic web platform using tag clouds. It focuses on the edge of innovation and is your independent source of analysis for such technology areas as:

With one click of a tag, find all of voke's research about a particular company or topic.

Because of voke’s dynamic model, our content is updated on a regular and timely basis, enabling you to get the most recent, provocative analysis from the technology experts.

Targeted Research Subscriptions

We offer a variety of subscription programs to the voke research community, which are designed for the enterprise, financial analysts, press, professional services providers, technology vendors, and venture capital firms.

Using your voke subscription, you can browse our content to explore your favorite topics or vendors from voke’s tag clouds. Here you’ll find key reports and analysis, including:

  • First Impressions — voke’s initial thoughts regarding the latest product announcements and acquisitions.
  • Market Commentaries — voke’s analysis on how to address specific issues in the marketplace.
  • Innovators — voke’s recognized vendors who are demonstrating significant and profound market impact while advancing innovation and transforming the global software lifecycle.
  • Market Mover Arrays — voke’s vendor rankings by market leadership and technology leadership with insight on how each one of the vendors is moving markets beyond the status quo with their unique approach to global lifecycle transformation.
  • Market Snapshots — voke’s vendor-neutral studies with a focus on ROI, best practices, and market justification.
  • Solution Snapshots — voke’s product-specific companions to Market Snapshot reports.
  • Impact Notes — voke's shorter reports with overview about a market need paired with a unique value proposition or best practice tip from an application lifecycle vendor.

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