voke Announces Roadmap for Global Lifecycle Transformation and Groundbreaking Delivery Platform
July 23, 2008

First Web 2.0 Based Platform Launched by Leading Analyst Firm

San Francisco, CA July 22, 2008 – Today, voke, inc., a modern analyst firm for the Web 2.0 world, announced the global lifecycle transformation roadmap for enterprise organizations and technology vendors available in published formats as vokeStream “Market Commentary:  Global Lifecycle Transformation” and vokeStream “Roadmap: Global Lifecycle Transformation Defined”.  The global lifecycle transformation paradigm recognizes the evolution of the application lifecycle market beyond a product centric focus to a broader roadmap for the global transformation and convergence of technology. The transformation addresses the need to move beyond the linear approach of the typical application lifecycle.  Global lifecycle transformation shatters barriers, facilitates collaboration and takes the risk out of software development to produce predictable and reliable results for an optimized business outcome.

voke is able to deliver groundbreaking analysis, such as the global lifecycle transformation, through its new platform, vokeStream, also being announced today.  vokeStream is the definitive platform for accessing analyst research and content.  voke’s philosophy of moving markets beyond the status quo is exemplified through vokeStream’s delivery mechanisms. Provoking thought, stimulating discussion and gaining insight to industry analyst opinion is fluid and dynamic via the use of vokeStream. To deliver an exceptional user experience through vokeStream, voke is taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies to deliver an easy to use and comprehensive platform for analytical content.  Through the use of tags, voke provides direct access to all voke’s analysis of specific companies or topics with one click.

“Today’s announcements about the global lifecycle transformation and the launch of vokeStream are borne from client-focused research and input” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke.  “Delivering dynamic and topical analysis in an intuitive way delivers value to our clients. voke is committed to moving markets beyond the status quo, and the research focused on the global lifecycle transformation is an example of thought provoking analysis.”

“vokeStream revolutionizes the way analytical research and content can be searched and manipulated” said Lisa Dronzek, COO of voke.  “The ease of use in finding related and relevant topics is an essential part of efficiently obtaining industry analyst insight for any decision.”

The voke global lifecycle transformation research and vokeStream memberships are available immediately at www.vokestream.com.

About voke
Founded in 2006, voke, inc. represents a new model in thought leadership based on fluid collaboration, discussion, and real-time interactions to deliver strategic advice in technology markets.  By communicating, collaborating, and understanding the impact technology has on the world around us, voke delivers market analysis, trend observation, and insight.  Companies of all sizes, financial firms, and venture capital organizations turn to voke to harness strategic marketing, independent and impartial market observations and analysis to move markets beyond the status quo.

Targeted memberships in the vokeStream community are available for the enterprise, technology vendors, press, service providers, financial analysts and venture capital teams. Visit www.vokestream.com to request a membership.