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Following the economic downturn of 2000 to 2003, the Fortune 500 companies that pursued short-term cost-cutting strategies such as outsourcing and rollbacks in quality assurance found themselves ill prepared for future opportunities.  New research suggests that those enterprise organizations that continue to invest in critical IT areas such as software development, virtualization, and core lifecycle solutions will be better positioned for the next cycle of growth and expansion.

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The acquisition of Telelogic further enhances IBM’s view of the application lifecycle. The Telelogic acquisition takes IBM well beyond the traditional enterprise lifecycle and places them squarely into the emerging and strategic systems or embedded software market.

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Service providers and network equipment manufacturers are adding automation to their pre-production testing process for a combination of reasons: improved test coverage, accelerated time-to-market for products or services, reduced capital and operational expense, optimized equipment use, reduced training time, greater test collaboration, reduced test backlog, and reuse. All of these automation drivers are intertwined and focus on delivering better quality to the customer. This Market Snapshot will focus on the need for test automation of networks and connected devices, identify a path to automation adoption and provide an overview of where the market is with respect to the right processes, technical skills and technology.

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Every market is an ecosystem comprised of people, processes, and technology. The network equipment testing market is growing in complexity. To effectively manage this complexity, the market is focused on reducing time-to-market and testing costs while increasing efficiency and product quality. The network equipment testing market is poised to breakthrough in terms of commercially available technology to assist the people and processes. In this Market Snapshot, we examine the people, processes, and technology of the network equipment testing market.

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Early June 2007…The IBM/Rational Software Developer Conference or RSDC for those in the know kicked off with two major acquisition announcements...

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Orlando, Florida
June 10 – 14, 2007