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The launch of ReplayDIRECTOR is an example of the power of virtualization permeating the application lifecycle in multiple phases. ReplayDIRECTOR provides an innovative solution using game changing technology.

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The concept of the Cost of Quality, that is, the cost of rework to remove defects, is that the later in the lifecycle a defect is identified, the more expensive it is to resolve the issue. With its shift in requirements ownership from the business to developers who will discover requirements through changes to the source code, the Agile movement is effectively pushing requirements definition to later in the lifecycle. Applying models for the cost of rework to Agile projects reveals the hidden costs of the late definition of requirements. This report provides economic models for evaluating project results and selecting the most appropriate practices.

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Service providers and network equipment manufacturers are adding automation to their pre-production testing process for a combination of reasons: improved test coverage, accelerated time-to-market for products or services, reduced capital and operational expense, optimized equipment use, reduced training time, greater test collaboration, reduced test backlog, and reuse. All of these automation drivers are intertwined and focus on delivering better quality to the customer. This Market Snapshot will focus on the need for test automation of networks and connected devices, identify a path to automation adoption and provide an overview of where the market is with respect to the right processes, technical skills and technology.

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Virtualization is poised to become the defining technology of the 21st century. Virtual lab automation, a new use for virtualization in the application development and quality assurance organizations has made inroads to the pre-deployment side of the application lifecycle equation. In this Market SnapshotTM, we will examine the organization and its metamorphosis as virtual lab automation becomes more pervasive. We will also define the value and benefits of Virtual lab automation.

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Do you recall the big vision of a few years ago…the one that said because of connected appliances in your house along with a low cost, pervasive and reliable network, when an appliance begins to fail, a simple message is sent to the appropriate repair person and before you even know your appliance has a problem a fix or patch has been dispensed...