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voke surveyed over 200 participants from diverse technology and non technology companies about their use of Agile development and the results they experienced. This report presents and analyzes their responses about the use, general perceptions, challenges, and benefits of Agile. This analysis provides organizations a context for evaluating whether or not to participate in the Agile movement, and identifying how, when, or whether or not Agile practices make sense for their organizations.

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The concept of the Cost of Quality, that is, the cost of rework to remove defects, is that the later in the lifecycle a defect is identified, the more expensive it is to resolve the issue. With its shift in requirements ownership from the business to developers who will discover requirements through changes to the source code, the Agile movement is effectively pushing requirements definition to later in the lifecycle. Applying models for the cost of rework to Agile projects reveals the hidden costs of the late definition of requirements. This report provides economic models for evaluating project results and selecting the most appropriate practices.

This report is available to voke's premium research subscribers and on-demand.