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Major transformations of the enterprise IT organizations are underway. For competitive and successful enterprises, IT is an integral part of the business and is treated as such. Factors such as globalization, time-to-market and convergence are the driving forces to bring IT organizations back from the fringe of existence.

Here we examine the trends, emerging technology needs, and processes that are facilitating this necessary and timely transformation.

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The global lifecycle transformation is an interconnected ecosystem of people, processes and technology within an enterprise and across its partners, suppliers, providers and customers. In this paradigm, the enterprise IT organization becomes a strategic business partner focused on delivering value.

The transformation shatters barriers, facilitates collaboration and takes the risk out of software development to produce predictable reliable results for an optimized business outcome.

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The business analyst role is gaining visibility and momentum, and driving competitive differentiation in the lifecycle market. From April through July 2008, voke conducted an independent survey of unique individuals in the emerging requirements definition segment of the application lifecycle market. The Market Snapshot survey set out to identify the state of the business analyst market segment based on roles, processes, and market readiness of technology.

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The application lifecycle is an integral part of today’s business.  Regardless of core competencies, all organizations are driven by software that is created and customized to deliver a competitive advantage. The application lifecycle is now a strategic part of business.

This document examines the evolution of the application lifecycle and the importance of the core vendors in providing a sound foundation upon which to continue to build and define the application lifecycle.

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Software Production Management is a critical component in the creation and delivery of quality software and is a key ingredient in the ever evolving application lifecycle.  Highly optimized organizations are experiencing tremendous return on investment (ROI) by recognizing and treating Software Production Management as a critical component of the application lifecycle. In this Market Snapshot, we will examine the organization and how it benefits from Software Production Management, use models and the state of technology in the Software Production Management market.

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Virtualization is poised to become the defining technology of the 21st century. Virtual lab automation, a new use for virtualization in the application development and quality assurance organizations has made inroads to the pre-deployment side of the application lifecycle equation. In this Market SnapshotTM, we will examine the organization and its metamorphosis as virtual lab automation becomes more pervasive. We will also define the value and benefits of Virtual lab automation.