New voke Research Highlights Need for Increased API Testing
February 05, 2019

New voke Research Highlights Need for Increased API Testing to Help Achieve Greater Confidence in Software Quality

Research Finds 64% of Organizations Struggle with Defect Leakage

San Francisco, CA, February 5, 2019 – voke, inc., a modern analyst firm focused on the edge of innovation, today announced publication of the new “Data Brief Report: API Testing.” This Data Brief adds to the library of independent, data-driven research by voke.

The new independent survey of over 220 participants from companies of varying sizes globally, focuses on the need to adopt or expand API testing to complement existing testing practices to achieve greater code coverage, test coverage, and confidence in software quality. The report also includes ways to quickly assess your organization’s testing practices and conversation starters to make the business case for API testing.

Key findings in the report include:

  • Percentage of organizations effected by defect leakage into the next sprint or phase impacting remediation costs, brand reputation, and customer satisfaction
  • Percentage of developer and tester time spent on unit and API (code-level testing) impacting levels of code and test coverage
  • Top benefits of API testing delivering on the promise of testing earlier in the software lifecycle
  • Most critical factors needed to expand or adopt API testing crucial to delivering on the size, scale, and complexity of today’s applications

Competitive businesses require software engineering practices to move at a more rapid pace than in the past while delighting customers with a timely, cost-effective, and quality software experience. To move at an accelerated pace with a focus on quality, software testing must be as thorough as possible. More emphasis must be placed on high value testing practices that can withstand frequent changes. Today, most testing activity is focused on user interface (UI) testing that requires a stable interface before any testing can begin. This is counter-productive to the desire to move more quickly. The survey found that API testing is lacking, which leads to schedule delays, more defects, and less stable software entering production.

“Testing is a critical path to the release of all software projects, regardless of processes used,” said Theresa Lanowitz, CEO and founder of voke. “By ensuring quality at the API level, you will increase quality, reduce risk, and provide a solid foundation to enable more productive UI testing as part of a comprehensive testing approach.”

The survey found that to adopt or expand API testing an increase in training and skills are necessary.

“Software testers are vital to the success of any application,” said Lisa Dronzek, COO of voke. “Empower your team by focusing on training to expand API testing.  Find defects faster to protect your brand and your business.”

The voke Data Brief Report:  API Testing is available at  Media interested in obtaining a complimentary full copy of the report may contact voke.