voke, inc. Releases Market Snapshot on Software Production Management
November 28, 2007
Study Credits SPM with 15x Development Productivity Boost and $2 Million in Cost Savings  

Mountain View, CA – November 28, 2007 – voke inc., a modern analyst firm for the Web 2.0 world, released its latest Market SnapshotTM report today. The report is based upon the first independent survey of the role, technology and benefits regarding the automation and acceleration of the software build-test-deploy process, or Software Production Management (SPM).  Through this research, voke documents a return-on-investment (ROI) of up to $2 million as a result of addressing Software Production Management with tool and process improvements.  The report also illustrates the role of SPM within the Application Lifecycle 2.0 and how it has become a critical component in the creation and delivery of quality software. "Software Production Management enables organizations to behave in a strategic fashion while quickly delivering high quality product to its customers, even in the most complex environments," said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, Inc. "Highly optimized organizations are experiencing tremendous return on investment – in some cases upwards of $2M per year -- by treating SPM as a critical component of the application lifecycle. The report we are announcing today proves this and shows the significance of including SPM solutions within the application lifecycle." This Market SnapshotTM provides an in depth analysis and key findings of the SPM market with respect to:

  • Organizations using the technology
  • Continuous integration
  • Application lifecycle development automation
Respondents reported ROI metrics in three categories. These three justifiers can help others determine where they may be able to enhance productivity, quality, and a faster time to market through Software Production Management. The categories identified as ROI justifiers include:
  • Monetary savings
  • Headcount redirection to more strategic activities
  • Productivity increases

The report shows that the Application Lifecycle 2.0 is evolving to include more sophisticated offerings like SPM to help facilitate the communication, collaboration, and connectivity that organizations must have with the line of business, their customers, their vendors, their suppliers, and all of their partners. The report demonstrates how every organization, regardless of size, can realize benefits from the use of SPM solutions.  "Through software production management, we've seen our customers go from 10-, 20-, even 40-hour build and test cycles to a continuous integration mode,” said Mike Maciag, CEO of Electric Cloud, a leading provider of SPM solutions. “We have also helped organizations re-deploy headcount dedicated to maintaining scripts. This makes teams more agile and more productive - it's a significant difference in how teams develop software." According to the voke research, the effective use of SPM solutions can yield the following benefits:                               

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency of distributed teams
  • Reduced or static staff size while increasing output
  • Repurpose resources to more strategic activities
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Decreased duration of builds
  • Effective management of parallel releases

The voke Software Production Management Market Snapshot report is available to subscribers at http://www.vokeinc.com. 

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