voke, inc. Analyzes Virtual Lab Automation in Latest Market Snapshot Report
June 02, 2007
Study Shows that Virtualization is Poised to Become the Defining Technology of the 21st Century

MINDEN, NEVADA – June 4, 2007 – voke inc., a modern analyst firm for the Web 2.0 world, released its second Market SnapshotTM report today. Based upon an independent survey of organizations that adopted virtual lab automation as part of their IT infrastructure, the report frames the market context for virtual lab automation, presents the measurable value and benefits of virtual lab automation and provides recommendations for organizations considering virtual lab automation technology. The report demonstrates that organizations of every size will benefit from virtualization as a part of its core infrastructure.

"Organizations are under constant pressure to become more highly optimized and enhance their productivity and efficiency, therefore they should be updating their skills, processes and technology to embrace virtualization technologies," said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, Inc. "The report we are announcing today proves that market forces and technological advances are moving virtualization towards mass adoption, meaning the time is right to invest in virtual lab automation technology."

The Virtual Lab Automation Market Snapshot Report highlights the virtual lab automation benefits for application development and test teams, including IT services and engineering services teams tasked with supporting pre-deployment activities. The report provides an in depth analysis of key findings shows that virtual lab automation:

• Delivers immediate results, measurable within the first month of use
• Reduces server sprawl in lab environments, reducing hardware costs
• Saves IT an average of three days time on fulfilling a provisioning request
• Frees IT time and resources, enabling more strategic initiatives
• Reduces development and testing costs by as much as 50% per project
• Enables organizations to identify more defects prior to production
• Gives test and development teams an environment as close to production as possible, while conserving resources

The voke Virtual Lab Automation Market Snapshot report is available to subscribers at http://www.vokeinc.com/

voke also offers a free "What’s Next?" blog that examines issues resulting from technology challenges and identifies how technology must be exploited to move society to the 21st century. This free blog is available at http://voke.blogspot.com.

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