Keynote | Customer Advocacy: The Key to Testing Success
Theresa Lanowitz | October 22, 2007
Testing professionals are often viewed as the pessimists of the software world. Some people think testers will do anything to prevent an application’s release into production. In reality, testers should be pro-active protectors of the organization and a strong voice for its customers—lines of business, end-users of the applications, system designers, developers, and the operations group responsible for application support. Theresa Lanowitz believes that testers should be customer advocates, representing all constituents in each and every stage of the application development lifecycle. As such, testers help ensure delivery of quality products that meet the needs of all. To be a successful customer advocate, you must understand and balance the complex web of requirements, constraints, roles, skills, and abilities of all stakeholders. At the same time, you must understand the capabilities and limitations of the application’s technology and operational environment. Test managers and testers must learn that their roles need to be modernized and fine-tuned—even reinvented. Gone are the days of the pessimist. You must enhance your image while revitalizing your testing organization by becoming a strong customer advocate.