Webinar | Begin with the End in Mind
Theresa Lanowitz | August 29, 2007
With the need to move the application lifecycle beyond a stagnant and isolated way of defining, designing, developing, testing, delivering and managing software, the application lifecycle 2.0 is now what is becoming acceptable in the enterprise IT organizations.

Today's enterprise IT organization is under immense pressure to align with the line of business and produce results. During the course of the last several years, most enterprise IT organizations have adopted either a complete or partial lifecycle solution for development, quality assurance, and operations. The lifecycle focused on automated tools and process and created well defined roles. As the IT organization matured through use and refinement of the lifecycle approach an isolated view of IT still remained. Realistically, IT is a critical component to the business and must be represented as such.

Today, enterprise IT organizations are in need of a way to create an interconnected community of people, process and technology. This community must serve the enterprise as well as its partners, suppliers and customers. This is the application lifecycle 2.0!

Enterprise IT organizations capable of implementing and fostering application lifecycle 2.0, a collaborative and dynamic work environment, are strategic business partners who focus on delivering value.

Application lifecycle 2.0 shatters barriers, facilitates collaboration and takes the risk out of software development to produce predictable reliable results for an optimized business outcome.

This webinar features a strategic and visionary perspective of application lifecycle 2.0 and its ongoing evolution in the enterprise. Gain insight on how to transform your enterprise application lifecycle to deliver more cohesive communication and consistent results, identify events that impact a global business and enable a customer focus.

Application lifecycle 2.0 makes IT part of the enterprise.

Featured Presenter Theresa Lanowitz, Founder of voke, inc., is recognized worldwide as a strategic thinker and market influencer in application life cycle, virtualization and convergence markets. With over 20 years of experience, Theresa has been associated with some of the most breakthrough technology and products of their time.