Related Content to Blueprint Announces New Webinar Series on Changing the Economics of Software Development

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Organizations that actively involve the line of business and empower business analysts realize that the investment in a requirements definition solution is more than offset by the payback that the solution delivers. Given the critical impact of software in today’s business environment, business analysts must be given the best technology possible to understand and deliver viable business outcomes through proper requirements. Justifying such technology is easy. This report identifies common sense approaches and detailed models for building a formal business case for the acquisition of requirements definition solutions.

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Organizations must address the area of software requirements in order to positively impact the economics of software development. This report highlights two key factors that increase the success rate of process improvement initiatives. First, any initiative requires a dedicated focus on software requirements definition. Second, modern requirements definition tools are a key factor in improving software requirements initiatives. Make requirements definition a strategic part of the business to improve the chances of software delivering true competitive value to the line of business.