New voke Research Finds Lifecycle Virtualization Market Critical as Testers and Developers Struggle to Keep Pace with Time-to-Market and Quality Demands
August 30, 2016
Technologies Enable Realistic Environments for Developers and Testers at Any Point in the Software Lifecycle

San Francisco, CA. August 30, 2016
– voke, inc., a modern analyst firm focused on the edge of innovation, today announced the publication of the new 'Market Mover Array™ Report: Lifecycle Virtualization.’ The report highlights the need to bring virtualization technology to the pre-production portion of the software lifecycle to provide developers and testers with production-like environments on-demand. The five technologies highlighted in the report include:

  • Virtual and cloud-based labs
  • Service virtualization
  • Defect virtualization
  • Test data virtualization
  • Network virtualization

"Use of lifecycle virtualization solutions removes the constraint of wait times for developers and testers in the pre-production portion of the software lifecycle,” said Theresa Lanowitz, founder of voke, inc. “By providing developers and testers with labs, services, data, and networks as close to production as possible, software teams are able to deliver higher quality software in less time.” 

Lanowitz continued, “Lifecycle virtualization solutions are mature and have proven ROI. Typically developers and testers must wait for a lab, service, data, or network to complete activities. Lifecycle virtualization solutions are incredibly powerful when used together to provide developers and testers everything necessary, for as long as necessary.”

In addition to detailing the benefits of lifecycle virtualization, the report provides analysis of 10 market moving vendors in the lifecycle virtualization market including:

  • appOrbit
  • CA Technologies
  • Delphix
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Neotys
  • Parasoft
  • Skytap
  • Tricentis
About the Market Mover Array

The voke Market Mover Array series is a modern way of examining and evaluating vendors in a market. Analysis that is based primarily on market share is indicative of what has already happened in a market and well known by market participants. voke believes that analysis of where the market is headed, or needs to be headed, provokes the insight for the future. Making predictions and providing analysis of where the market will go provides a valuable new perspective. Innovation is required to deliver what is necessary for the future, and market impact is essential to change the point of view.

The voke Market Mover Array Report: Lifecycle Virtualization is available to voke’s premium subscribers and on-demand research clients at Media interested in obtaining a complimentary full copy of the report may contact Zenobia Godschalk.

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