Webinar | Communicating the Value of Testing
Theresa Lanowitz | May 03, 2007

Test managers constantly lament that few outside their group understand or care much about the value they provide and consistently deliver. Unfortunately, they are often correct. The lack of visibility and understanding of the test teamís contribution can lead to restricted budgets, fewer resources, tighter timelines, and ultimately, lower group productivity.

This Software Test & Performance Web Seminar will highlight ways to move from simply being a tester of software to an advocate for your organizationís customers. You will learn how to effectively and concisely communicate with key stakeholders in your organization to ensure that they understand the value and role of the testing group. With effective and concise communication, the testing group can be perceived as more strategically important and integral to the success of every project.

By attending this free Web seminar, you will learn:

  • Strategies for communicating complex data
  • Ensure your communications give you the visibility you need
  • How to create testing evangelists within your organization