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Since early 2009, Citrix and VMLogix have partnered to include the VMLogix products with Citrix Essentials for the virtual lab component. This acquisition by Citrix will apply virtualization technology throughout the IT organization in a hypervisor neutral environment.

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VMLogix and Citrix are partnering to deliver a complete virtualization solution for the application lifecycle.  Citrix Essentials customers will have the advantage of using virtualization technology at every juncture of its IT organization; from the server to production and the entire application lifecycle including development and testing.  This partnership represents a new and visionary method of applying virtualization technology throughout multiple stages of the IT organization in a hypervisor neutral environment.

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Virtual lab management technology delivers immediate, measurable benefits and ROI. The ability to rapidly provision and deliver an environment for testing, development, sales, marketing, training, technical publications, support and other constituents in an organization enhances business alignment as it removes barriers and lowers costs, particularly capital expenditures (CAPEX).

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Theresa Lanowitz's webinar slides.

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Virtualization is poised to become the defining technology of the 21st century. Virtual lab automation, a new use for virtualization in the application development and quality assurance organizations has made inroads to the pre-deployment side of the application lifecycle equation. In this Market SnapshotTM, we will examine the organization and its metamorphosis as virtual lab automation becomes more pervasive. We will also define the value and benefits of Virtual lab automation.

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This week at VMWorld 2007 it was apparent that virtualization is moving up the stack and tool vendors proliferated.  Listen to voke principal analyst Theresa Lanowitz on this edition of "Week in Review."

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The big news today was the Citrix acquisition of open source virtualization company XenSource. I have commented many times in the past year about the future I think virtualization has and how it will be one of the defining technologies of the 21st century.

So, here is my philosophy on the acquisition….one if you are inclined to be a geek and another if you fancy yourself more of a business person. Either way, the net / net of this is virtualization is real and coming to an enterprise near you...

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Join VMLogix CEO Sameer Dholakia and analyst firm voke Founder Theresa Lanowitz in this live webinar as they discuss how virtual lab automation is being leveraged by IT departments to provide users a shared Cloud infrastructure, on a self-service basis, to provide an automated, streamlined and efficient management system of dynamic, scalable, elastic and graded cloud infrastructure, both on-premise and off-premise.