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The global lifecycle transformation is an interconnected ecosystem of people, processes and technology within an enterprise and across its partners, suppliers, providers and customers. In this paradigm, the enterprise IT organization becomes a strategic business partner focused on delivering value.

The transformation shatters barriers, facilitates collaboration and takes the risk out of software development to produce predictable reliable results for an optimized business outcome.

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Applications and their associated management are becoming more difficult yet more business critical. As enterprises watch the rise of complex distributed applications and teams, it is clear a solution to assist managing a constantly changing world must emerge. Virtualization technology is rapidly being deployed to assist these complexity demands. Virtualized environments solve a variety of problems yet introduce others.

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Outsourcing and specifically the trend to move tasks to offshore providers is evolving. At the end of the 20th century, the concept of using an offshore provider was primarily a cost issue. As the nuances, positives, and negatives of using offshore providers became visible the idea of team virtualization was the most popular reason for outsourcing. Now, as teams are truly virtualized across boundaries, both real and imaginary, outsourcing is about to enter a new phase. Offshore providers will more than likely take on more technical roles and responsibilities while their clients concentrate on the core business and deliver strategic value.  Emerging nations where populations are increasing their technical skills are a haven for entrepreneurs and venture capital investments.  In this edition of the Future Watch, we hypothesize on where technical skills will emerge and why standards will be driven to acceptance.

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Is your organization preparing to evaluate, investigate, and adopt a service virtualization solution? Download voke’s 2012 Market Snapshot Report to get the latest insights on how service virtualization is meeting its promise to deliver more predictable, effective, and efficient business outcomes.

Market Snapshot Report highlights: 

  • The need, use, benefits, challenges, and ROI of service virtualization based on voke’s interviews with participants from diverse organizations, market segments, geographies, and roles. 
  • The key justification, business case, and rationale used by other software development and testing professionals to get management approval for purchasing a service virtualization solution.
  • Primary vendors offering service virtualization solutions — CA Technologies, HP, IBM, and Parasoft.
  • The critical assessment questions you need to ask about your organization before implementing a service virtualization solution.

This report is available for voke's premium research subscribers and on-demand.

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Adopting a lifecycle virtualization strategy benefits organizations by rapidly lowering capital and operational expenditures. Lifecycle virtualization enables development, QA, and operations teams to be more efficient and strategic by providing access to the correct environments, components, and services when and where needed. The Parasoft Virtualize solution brings virtualization to the core of the lifecycle and delivers much needed accessibility and speed to developers, testers, and partners. Parasoft Virtualize delivers accessibility by removing constraints associated with limited access to systems, capacity, and unavailable or incomplete systems and components.

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The application lifecycle is an integral part of today’s business.  Regardless of core competencies, all organizations are driven by software that is created and customized to deliver a competitive advantage. The application lifecycle is now a strategic part of business.

This document examines the evolution of the application lifecycle and the importance of the core vendors in providing a sound foundation upon which to continue to build and define the application lifecycle.

Theresa Lanowitz's slides from the webinar: Bringing Performance Validation "Into the Lifecycle" with a Virtual Service Environment (VSE).

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This analysis is provided as historical reference for Mercury.  The analysis was conducted prior to the announcement of HP’s intent to acquire Mercury.  Please see the voke First Impressions analysis of the acquisition announcement.  The Mercury segment of the Application Lifecycle Ecosystem will be updated once the intended HP acquisition is completed. 

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I’ll admit it, I am a product of 70’s sitcoms, primarily The Brady Bunch. Who among us cannot remember Peter Brady belting out his memorable line “when it’s time to change, you’ve got to rearrange…” about change in the midst of teenage angst and puberty Brady style!

Well, the software industry is well beyond puberty and really has to change and rearrange. The software industry is no longer about software…it has to change and rearrange to be a hybrid...
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The 2006 Wind River Worldwide User Conference concluded today. This conference was edgy. From the ultra-hip urban graphics on everything from signage to hotel room keys to a Phil Gordon hosted poker tournament, Wind River is shaking up a staid and conservative industry...

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