Related Content to New voke Research Uncovers How to Reduce Software Risk and Cost Through the Use of Service Virtualization

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From a benefits perspective, lifecycle virtualization technologies deliver a quick and measurable economic impact, just as server virtualization provides for the datacenter. Lifecycle virtualization includes the technology of service virtualization.

Service virtualization enables development and test teams to statefully simulate and model their dependencies of unavailable or limited services and data that cannot be easily virtualized by conventional server or hardware virtualization means. Service virtualization removes the constrains and wait times frequently experienced by development and test teams needing to access components, architectures, databases, mainframes, mobile platforms, and so on.

Service virtualization technology is critical to the success of a vibrant application economy. Organizations using service virtualization experience fewer defects, reduced software cycles, and increased customer satisfaction.

This Market Snapshot report provides real-world data to help organizations justify the investment in service virtualization.

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