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about market snapshot reports

To provide market insight, voke conducts independent surveys to understand the skills, processes, technology, ROI, and the future potential of emerging markets.

In emerging markets, it is imperative that corporations, vendors, analysts, venture capitalists, suppliers and partners communicate and collaborate to move markets beyond the status quo.

Enterprise organizations use Market Snapshot reports to compare their organization to the aggregated data represented.  Organizations gain an understanding trends, best practices, and new technology options.

Technology vendors use the reports to better understand the needs and goals of potential and/or existing customers in markets.

Financial analysts use these reports to understand market maturity and opportunity.

Venture capitalists use the reports to determine areas of interest for investment as well as identifying potential tangential areas for investment exploration.

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Secure Operations Automation

Market Snapshot: Secure Operations Automation


As companies continue to adopt more distributed environments along with private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions, their risk of security threats and vulnerabilities increases exponentially due to this always-on enterprise.

To minimize this security risk, it’s now more important than ever to invest in the right solutions. However, you must also create a business mandate that brings together your IT operations and IT security teams in a united effort to protect your business. But where do you begin?

Read voke’s new Market Snapshot on Secure Operations Automation to find real-world insight about IT patch and compliance, automation, along with the latest information on this emerging category of practices and solutions.

Release Management

Market Snapshot: Release Management

voke_market_snapshot_release_management-SIf your organization is serious about releasing software more frequently with a higher level of quality, then you should consider using release management solutions to meet this business demand. 

Get started now by reading voke's latest Market Snapshot on Release Management. This report provides real-world data to help you justify the investment in release management solutions. From our interviews with participants from diverse organization, we discovered how release management solutions are used, why the technology is adopted, as well as its general perceptions, challenges, and benefits.


Lifecycle Virtualization

Market Snapshot: Service Virtualization 2015


Do you want to start testing sooner or release faster?

Do you have limited access to third-party software needed for development and testing of your software supply chain?

Do you want to expand the use of service virtualization?

Get started now by reading voke's latest Market Snapshot on Service Virtualization.

You may also be interested in voke's vendor specific research on HP Service Virtualization or Parasoft Virtualize.


Market Snapshot: Virtual and Cloud-based Labs 2014

Do you have enough environments for development and testing?

Is your work delayed while waiting for environments?

Stop waiting and download voke’s 2014 Market Snapshot Report to get the latest insights on virtual and cloud-based labs.

You may also be interested in voke's Solution Snapshot report about Skytap or Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management solutions.

Market Snapshot: Service Virtualization 2012

Is your organization preparing to evaluate, investigate, and adopt a service virtualization solution? Download voke’s 2012 Market Snapshot Report to get insights on how service virtualization is meeting its promise to deliver more predictable, effective, and efficient business outcomes.

Market Snapshot Report highlights: 

  • The need, use, benefits, challenges, and ROI of service virtualization based on voke’s interviews with participants from diverse organizations, market segments, geographies, and roles.   
  • The key justification, business case, and rationale used by other software development and testing professionals to get management approval for purchasing a service virtualization solution. 
  • Primary vendors offering service virtualization solutions — CA Technologies, HP, IBM, and Parasoft.
  • The critical assessment questions you need to ask about your organization before implementing a service virtualization solution.

Market Snapshot: Virtual Lab Management 2010

Virtual lab management technology delivers immediate, measurable benefits and ROI. The ability to rapidly provision and deliver an environment for testing, development, sales, marketing, training, technical publications, support and other constituents in an organization enhances business alignment as it removes barriers and lowers costs, particularly capital expenditures (CAPEX). Get the pulse from the 2010 report or you may prefer the 2014 report.

Market Snapshot: Virtual Lab Automation 2007

Virtualization is poised to become the defining technology of the 21st century. Virtual lab automation, a new use for virtualization in the application development and quality assurance organizations has made inroads to the pre-deployment side of the application lifecycle equation. In this Market Snapshot, we will examine the organization and its metamorphosis as virtual lab automation becomes more pervasive. We will also define the value and benefits of Virtual lab automation. Contact voke to access this report from the archives or download the 2010 report or the 2014 report.


Market Snapshot: Agile Realities

voke surveyed over 200 participants from diverse technology and non technology companies about their use of Agile development and the results they experienced. The Market Snapshot report about Agile Realities presents and analyzes their responses about the use, general perceptions, challenges, and benefits of Agile.
This analysis provides organizations a context for evaluating whether or not to participate in the Agile movement, and identifying how, when, or whether or not Agile practices make sense for their organizations.


Market Snapshot: Performance Center of Excellence

As the application lifecycle evolves, components that drive efficiency and quality become more crucial.  Organizations building centers of excellence (CoE) around performance testing find that the CoE centralizes resources and utilizes the full capabilities of today’s robust automation products. One of the main benefits is that organizations are able to consistently produce better performing applications.

In a survey focused on rationales for building a performance CoE, the associated ROI, and success factors, we tested the hypothesis that more mature organizations have built more effective CoEs, are contributing to overall customer satisfaction, and are meeting or exceeding the goals of organizational service level agreements (SLAs).  (19 pages)

Read the results of voke's Performance Center of Excellence Survey

  • Build buy-in and a business case to establish a Performance Center of Excellence
  • Learn the success factors for creating a Performance Center of Excellence

Requirements Definition

Market Snapshot: The Role of the Business Analyst

The business analyst role is gaining visibility and momentum, and driving competitive differentiation in the lifecycle market. From April through July 2008, voke conducted an independent survey of unique individuals in the emerging requirements definition segment of the application lifecycle market. The Market Snapshot survey set out t–o identify the state of the business analyst market segment based on roles, processes, and market readiness of technology.


"Most organizations struggle to consistently deliver the intended business results the first time to their constituents. Fortunately, many failed projects are wisely abandoned or rejected by users to prevent any further waste of resources. However, the trend of reworkand abandoned projects continues at excessive rates. 

Mature organizations assess their software waste factor to justify the appropriate investment and training in requirements best practices and tools to ensure that all software projects meet or exceed their intended business objectives."

Contact voke to access this report from the archives.

Continuous Integration

Market Snapshot: Software Production Management

Software Production Management is a critical component in the creation and delivery of quality software and is a key ingredient in the ever evolving application lifecycle.  Highly optimized organizations are experiencing tremendous return on investment (ROI) by recognizing and treating Software Production Management as a critical component of the application lifecycle. In this Market Snapshot, we will examine the organization and how it benefits from Software Production Management, use models and the state of technology in the Software Production Management market. 

Contact voke to access this report from the archives.


"Monetary savings of up to $1 to $2 million per year were identified by 40% of the survey participants. Respondents identified monetary savings through decreased wait time for builds, a faster time-to-market delivering competitive advantages and eliminating the creation and maintenance of internally developed tools to deliver Software Production Management solutions.

Headcount savings were identified as a major contributor to the purchase of Software Production Management tools. Management redirected headcount from tactical to strategic activities. All participants want to deliver more strategic value to their customers. Incorporating Software Production Management solutions gave organizations a way to move engineers from manual and error prone tasks to delivering more valuable business insight and more productivity with the same or fewer resources.

Productivity increases of as much as 10 – 15X were identified by 33% of the respondents. Increased demand is driven by increased complexity in the software under development, faster time-to-market based on competition and the demand for higher quality from customers. Organizations reported that staffing remained largely static, however, the demands and expectations of their workloads increased significantly."

Embedded Systems

Market Snapshot: Automated Testing of Networks and Connected Devices

Service providers and network equipment manufacturers are adding automation to their pre-production testing process for a combination of reasons: improved test coverage, accelerated time-to-market for products or services, reduced capital and operational expense, optimized equipment use, reduced training time, greater test collaboration, reduced test backlog, and reuse. All of these automation drivers are intertwined and focus on delivering better quality to the customer. This Market Snapshot will focus on the need for test automation of networks and connected devices, identify a path to automation adoption and provide an overview of where the market is with respect to the right processes, technical skills and technology.  Contact voke to access this report from the archives.

Market Snapshot: Network Equipment Testing

Every market is an ecosystem comprised of people, processes, and technology. The network equipment testing market is growing in complexity. To effectively manage this complexity, the market is focused on reducing time-to-market and testing costs while increasing efficiency and product quality. The network equipment testing market is poised to breakthrough in terms of commercially available technology to assist the people and processes. In this Market Snapshot, we examine the people, processes, and technology of the network equipment testing market.  Contact voke to access this report from the archives.