Lifecycle Transformation

Global Lifecycle Transformation Roadmap

The global lifecycle transformation recognizes the evolution of the application lifecycle market beyond the product centric focus of the application lifecycle to a broader roadmap for the global transformation and convergence of technology. The transformation addresses the need to move beyond the linear approach of the typical application lifecycle. Global lifecycle transformation shatters barriers, facilitates collaboration and takes the risk out of software development to produce predictable and reliable results for an optimized business outcome.

Watch the global lifecycle transformation in the image below. Lead your organization to move beyond the status quo and embark on the roadmap to global lifecycle transformation.

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Application Lifecycle Market Movers

Read about the leading application lifecycle vendors’ market leadership and technology leadership and their placement in the voke Market Mover ArrayTM chart. The analysis provides insight about how each one of the vendors is moving markets beyond the status quo with their unique approach to global lifecycle transformation.

An overview of Application Lifecycle Core Vendors and the voke Market Mover ArrayTM chart is available for voke research subscribers.
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