Advisory & Analyst Service Overview

As a modern analyst firm on the edge of innovation, voke provides opinion about trends in technology. We offer a unique, unbiased, collaborative approach — bridging the demands of the different needs of enterprises, technology vendors, professional services firms, venture capital, and financial analysts — with our comprehensive advisory services.

voke delivers unfiltered, undiluted, real-time opinion to the market.  And, we are willing to take a stand, which may be controversial, to provoke thought to lead markets to higher levels of excellence.

Want to move your market beyond the status quo?

Explore voke’s unique services for:

Complimentary Services

voke is pleased to offer the following complimentary services so you can experience voke's unique value.

Premium Analyst Services

Strategic Advisory Service

  • Purchase a one-hour, on-demand advisory phone inquiry.  Buy online today.
  • Choose voke as your go-to analyst and purchase a package of advisory phone inquiries for ongoing, independent advice while you are planning your product strategy or messaging.
  • Contact voke to schedule an onsite strategy engagement for an in-depth full day or half-day strategy session with voke analysts.

Public Speaking and Market Awareness

Move your market beyond the status quo by leveraging voke insight and independent analysis at your events.  Contact voke to schedule public speaking and market awareness services, such as:

  • Conference keynotes
  • Panel moderation
  • Customer advisory board sessions
  • Webinars and podcasts

Research Report Reprints and Market Surveys

Choose voke research for indendent market insight. Contact voke to purchase reprints of the following voke reports and access to market data.

  • First Impressions — voke’s initial thoughts regarding the latest product announcements and acquisitions.
  • Market Commentaries — voke’s analysis on how to address specific issues in the marketplace.
  • Innovators— voke’s recognized vendors who are demonstrating significant and profound market impact while advancing innovation and transforming the global software lifecycle.
  • Market Mover Arrays — voke’s vendor rankings by market leadership and technology leadership with insight on how each one of the vendors is moving markets beyond the status quo with their unique approach to global lifecycle transformation.
  • Market Snapshots — voke’s vendor-neutral studies with a focus on ROI, best practices, and market justification.
  • Solution Snapshots — voke’s product-specific companions to Market Snapshot reports.
  • Impact Notes — voke's shorter reports with overview about a market need paired with a unique value proposition or best practice tip from an application lifecycle vendor.