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working with voke analysts

voke is the boutique analyst firm for innovative organizations. We help aspirational leaders move markets and inspire audiences to help IT Superheroes succeed. When choosing an industry analyst to work with, choose wisely.  Choose professionalism, collaboration, integrity, inspiration, and positive influence.  Choose a champion of success.

Prepare for Briefing Season

Before you brief us or other analysts, consider voke's Market Mover service. Collaborate with us to prepare for your next launch before you brief us and other analysts. Get the feedback and inspirational advice you need before briefing any analyst.

Listen to the CMO podcast for ideas.  Contact us to see if becoming a Market Mover is right for you.

Request a Briefing

voke offers technology vendors complimentary 30-minute briefings subject to voke's availability.   Please fill out a briefing request form to schedule a complimentary briefing. 

Please be sure to plan at least one month in advance for availability on voke's briefing calendar or become a client to expedite your briefing needs.

Are you looking for more than an informational briefing?  voke offers clients advisory services by phone or onsite to provide independent market insight, messaging input, and product roadmap advice.

Need a Media Reference

We are happy to provide complimentary press quotes and media references at our discretion.  Much like a job reference, media references typically occur with an ongoing relationship. 

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