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voke analysts have deep experience and a proven track record in industry innovation. Our expansive knowledge base and relentless championing of excellence ensures that our engagements are collaborative, productive, and effective.

Theresa Lanowitz voke analystTheresa Lanowitz

Founder Emeritus, Connect on LinkedIn

Theresa Lanowitz is recognized worldwide as a relentless advocate for software quality. She is a strategic thinker and influencer in the software lifecycle and its transformation, including testing, virtualization, cloud computing, cyber security, embedded systems, IoT, release management, and mobile software.

Theresa is an internationally-recognized speaker and has spoken around the globe on challenges faced by today’s IT organization. She is the author of the IT Superhero Series books, known for bringing clarity to complexity with a holistic approach to trend insights.

Since founding voke in 2006, Theresa has been a trusted advisor to some of the most innovative and influential companies in the world. As a champion of emerging technology, Theresa was the first industry analyst to initiate coverage on and identify the category of lifecycle virtualization, including service virtualization. Theresa is the lead analyst for the emerging category of secure operations automation.

Theresa is the longest-tenured analyst in the software quality market and has been associated with some of the most breakthrough technology and products of our time. Theresa’s professional career began with McDonnell Douglas where she was a developer on the C-17 transport plane.  At Borland Software, Theresa shipped the Java development tool JBuilder. While at Sun Microsystems, Theresa was responsible for the strategic marketing of the Jini project – a precursor to IoT. As a research analyst at Gartner, Theresa pioneered the application quality ecosystem, championed the application security space, and consistently identified new and emerging companies to watch. Theresa was the lead industry analyst for billion-dollar-plus enterprise software companies such as Mercury and Compuware. At Gartner, Theresa was the founder, creator and chairperson of the highly successful Application Development conference.

Lisa Dronzek voke analystLisa Dronzek

Chief Operating Officer, Connect on LinkedIn

Lisa Dronzek, co-founder of voke, is recognized in the business world as someone spots emerging trends and provides thought provoking advice. As COO of voke, Lisa manages the business and brings practical and in-depth knowledge of the issues facing enterprise IT organizations and the line of business. As an industry analyst, Lisa helps clients improve business messaging and creates high-quality research for lead generation and sales enablement.

A champion of quality, Lisa leads voke’s research and data analysis efforts to provide compelling industry data. Lisa identified the Agile Dilemma in 2012 and her Cost of Rework research explains why Agile development costs are out of control.

Lisa's background includes positions with industry giants IBM, Apple, and Adobe, as well as leading-edge startups including Taligent (Apple, IBM, and HP joint venture), Managemark, Clearwater Networks, Perfect Commerce, and Portal. Lisa is a technology pioneer and has delivered revolutionary technology implementations such as the first extranet at Adobe for printing and localization partners.

Lisa brings over 20 years of management experience in the software industry to voke. At Managemark, she led the entire lifecycle team to deliver the industry's first SaaS implementation, Quicken During Lisa's tenure in the high-tech world, she managed process improvement projects, full product lifecycle teams, build and release teams, quality assurance teams, and web development teams.

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