About voke

provoke thought.

voke is a modern analyst firm driven by technology, innovation, disruption, and emerging market trends. Innovation is what voke does best and we want to bring our enthusiasm for disruption to you.

Collaborative Strategy

voke has partnered with vendors emerging from stealth mode as well as larger companies bringing innovative offerings to the market. We deliver market and industry opinion in fluid, dynamic, and collaborative ways, while bridging the demands of the different needs of enterprises, technology vendors, venture capital, and financial analysts.

Future-Focused Coverage

Our primary coverage area is the application lifecycle and its global transformation, including testing, virtualization, cloud computing, release management, embedded systems,cyber security, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile and device software.

voke is a champion of quality and emphasizes the need for testing throughout the lifecycle. voke looks at how existing and installed technology can benefit from innovation and provides logical, in-depth coverage of core vendors and innovators.

Industry Expertise

Founded in 2006 by technology industry visionary Theresa Lanowitz, voke strives to provoke thought and encourage discussion in order to move markets to higher levels of excellence - beyond the status quo.

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