Advisory Services for Enterprises

Making intelligent decisions about technology choices is vital for today’s enterprise companies. As a key decision maker, you seek unbiased, independent, and thorough analysis to leverage the right technology products and services for your company, while remaining cost conscious.

Why Choose voke?

voke provides enterprises with practical insight and actionable advice to assist in the strategic decision making process. We offer technology decision makers helpful techniques, best practices, and new ways of thinking and acting more strategically to deliver value throughout the organization.

By partnering with voke, you’ll receive the most thought provoking analysis in the market. Use voke as your strategic partner to gain complete and compelling technology analysis and answers.

What Are You Working On?

We’ll partner with your team to help you gain a strategic advantage on your high-visibility projects. Contact voke now.

Making a business case for new technology?

  • Cite independent ROI data in your business case from voke’s Market Snapshot™ reports and analysis. 
  • Talk live to a voke analyst.

Building buy-in across teams?                           

  • Champion the global lifecycle transformation in your organization.
  • Get ideas about new trends, best practices, and innovative vendors from voke research.
  • Talk live to a voke analyst.

Thinking about a new job or career change? Positioning yourself for a new role or promotion?

  • Read about the latest industry trends, innovations, and market disruptions in voke research.
  • Read voke's research or the voke's IT Superhero books.

Evaluating Application Lifecycle solutions? Seeking new tools and technologies that help you do more with less?

  • Read voke’s in depth analysis on the core application lifecycle vendors.
  • Read voke’s Market Snapshots to understand market trends and directions.
  • Watch a voke webcast.

Improving processes? Promoting the value of your team?

  • Learn how your peers achieved success in voke’s Market Snapshot reports.

Celebrating successes or conquering failures?

Seeking independent advice about technology?

  • Read voke’s latest research and analysis.